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Cabinet heights

Base types


If cabinets and bases are combined correctly, the result are level overall heights and thus a uniform appearance!

There are two use cases in which the combination of different cabinets and bases becomes an issue:

1. Planning and construction of new plants with several different cabinets

Especially when designing new plants, a uniform overall height and possibly the same cabinet colors (RAL 7032 or RAL 7035) should be considered at the planning stage. The assembly can be tailored to a desired cabinet height. There are usually even more advantages, such as more space for later extensions or for cable connections.

Application examples:

2. Expansion of existing systems

Application examples:

Below you will find examples of common combinations with the same (similar) total height.

The actual external height does not always match the nominal height. Depending on the series, the cabinet depth and due to structural details of the roof, the cabinet height can deviate from the nominal dimension (see table “Overview of nominal height vs. actual height”). Base plates between the cabinet and the base also increase the actual height by a view millimeters.

With a ground-mounted-base, these differences can already be considered and compensated at the base foundation. Thus, the roof line can be levelled out.


Freestanding polyester cabinets with ground-mounted-bases

Freestanding polyester cabinets with floor-mounted-bases or pedestal for indoor application

Common applications and cabinet heights used for them:



The “lining-up” of distribution cabinets is usually known from indoor cabinet systems. There, individual cabinets are directly lined up and connected to one another. Side-by-side cabinets do not usually have side walls and e.g. copper bars run across several fields. This system is not directly comparable to freestanding polyester cabinets.

ELSTA Mosdorfer offers cabinet combinations DB (two single cabinets with a continuous interior space under one roof) or cabinet combinations KOMBI (separate cabinets under one roof). This design must already be considered when planning the system.

If separate cabinets are set up next to each other, a gapless line-up, depending on the place of installation is not recommended!

When installing several cabinets next to and/or behind each other, make sure that there is enough space between the cabinets – otherwise water can cause frost damage! Moreover, distance of at least 5 mm between the cabinets prevents a collision with the adjacent cabinet when the doors are opened. This applies also indoor.
Please note that the base dimensions can be slightly smaller than the cabinet dimensions!



The freestanding polyester cabinets of the F-series (A6x, A7x, A8x) are available as single cabinets in the nominal heights 850, 1080, 1350 mm and as a combination DH (two cabinets one above the other) in the nominal heights 1620 and 1850 mm (height 650 mm and DH 2090 mm are not relevant for the installation side by side). The polyester cabinets of the X-series are available in the DIN height 850 mm only.

Overview of nominal heights vs. actual heights:


The base products from ELSTA Mosdorfer are the perfect foundation for the installation of freestanding distribution cabinets. They are either embedded in the soil or bolted to a foundation on the Ground.

Ground-mounted bases

Ground-mounted bases are available in three variants:


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Bases for floor-mounting

Floor-mounted bases are used where there is already a foundation or where digging is not possible (e.g. on sidewalks, parking lots). In addition, they are used as a base for indoor distribution cabinets and serve as cable connection area.

The bases are available in the following heights: 250, 500 und 750 mm. 750 mm bases can only be used for cabinets ≤ 1080.

For outdoor use, floor-mounted bases are recommended only for sheltered installation (for example next to a wall). Especially for cabinets with a height of ≥ 1350 mm (e.g. cabinet combinations DH).

In case of unprotected installation (full wind load) preferably use ground-mounted bases or cabinets with a height of < 1350 mm (e.g. cabinet combinations DB or Kombi)!


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Base extensions

With a base extension, the base height (protrusion above ground / ground level) is subsequently increased. Ground-mounted bases in variant 950 can thus be converted to variant 1200 “S”. Floor-mounted bases can also be extended by means of a base extension.

The total height of the base and cabinet must not exceeded 2000 mm in order to comply with the required load limits of freestanding outdoor cabinets. Base extensions are only permissible if the cabinet height is ≤ 1080.


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