Environment & Sustainability

We are proud of our sustainable tradition and therefore use resources sparingly.

Customer Focus

We recognize the needs of our customers first and offer them high added value.


Innovation & Quality

We break new ground, scrutinise what already exists and aim for continuous improvement.


We work in efficient, motivated teams and know our role in the overall picture.

Joy & Enthusiasm

We encourage enjoyment of work and take pride in what we do and who we are.

Respect & Trust

We feel limitless mutual respect and build on constructive dialogue.

Ownership & Participation

We are a 100% family-run company and act accordingly in all areas.

Organisation & Cooperation

Our organisation is decentralised, and we put group objectives above individual interests.

Focus on Goals & Results

We become stronger by being performance-oriented, and balance both strategic and short-term objectives.

Growth & Earnings

We focus on market leadership and continuously generate profit.