Elsta Mosdorfer is a company in the Knill Group, which is 100% family owned. The global group of companies is managed by the two brothers Christian and Georg Knill. Since 1712, twelve generations have transformed the original blade forge into an internationally active group of high-tech companies.

USED globalLY for energy, communication and mobility

Today the Knill Group offers solutions and systems for the global energy, communication and mobility infrastructure. In addition to the Elsta Mosdorfer cabinet systems, the Group companies offer products for energy transmission and distribution, such as controls and instruments, damping and monitoring systems for overhead power lines, or components for switchgear.

The companies also develop and manufacture production plants for the battery, cable, and wire and optical fibre industry.

Data & Facts about the Knill Group

9 brands
27 companies
in 17 countries all over the world
more than 2200 employees
turnover of around € 336 million
in operation since 1712

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