From theory to practice

You already acquired a lot of theoretical knowledge during your school education or studies? Then it is time to put it into practice. We therefore offer you different possibilities such as internships, diploma thesis or the direct career start.



Your graduation comes closer and you are still looking for the right partner to start your career? Then apply at Elsta Mosdorfer. We are continuously looking for school graduates preferably from the Secondary Technical College (HTL) in the area of electrical and mechanical engineering or graduates from the Commercial Academy (HAK).

Secure a summer internship

Or do you want to get to know the world of Elsta Mosdorfer in an internship? Then apply until the end of February for an internship in summer.

If you are interested, we also like to offer introductory internships in the production area.


You arrived at the end of your studies? Or you are looking for the topic for your bachelor or master thesis? We would like to support you. Further we offer positions for internships. Or do you already plan to start your career?


We also support a dual degree program and employ student staff. So if you opt for this training and professional combination, we offer you this opportunity.


For more information contact us at


We are pleased to offer interested pupils or students the opportunity to deepen practice-oriented diploma theses or dissertation topics. Qualitative care is a big concern, which is why we only agree if the department concerned can provide sufficient time.

Guest at ELSTA Mosdorfer

You would like to get to know us personally? We would like to introduce our company to you in the context of guided tours.

You can also meet us personally at the jobday of the Secondary Technical College (HTL) in Kaindorf an der Sulm. There you can also meet us personally and ask us your questions. Or visit us as part of the professional experience initiative TakeTech.