Proven system for new challenges

ELSTA Mosdorfer has been a proven partner of the energy industry for decades, and offers a large variety of distribution boxes for a variety of applications – and our focus is always on the functionality, durability and modularity of the equipment and the best value for Money.

Solutions for the e-mobility megatrend

New requirements are emerging along with the new dynamics around electric mobility and the needs of international markets. This applies in particular with regard to protection measures and electrical equipment for the supply and distribution of electrical energy in the electrical vehicle charging infrastructure. The technologies that are already known and in widespread use in low-voltage distribution are facing tighter operating conditions, which call for the professional planning and design of the components.

We will be pleased to provide you with reliable support in this process!



A perfect partner – because it takes more than charging points

ELSTA Mosdorfer sees its role as being an innovative company with future-oriented solutions and the expertise gained from numerous customer projects spanning more than 40 years. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of products for the individual supply of e-charging stations, from the grid connection through to direct and indirect energy metering systems.

Our experience and the benefits to you:

  • Many years of experience
  • The highest operational safety in electro-mobility
  • Compliance with current standards and regulations
  • A cutting edge due to our high-quality materials
  • Mature production technology
  • Innovative problem solutions for special requirements

Always up to date and always well informed

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Tailored to your requirements

  • Distribution cabinets and connection cabinets for the supply, protection and networking of charging stations
  • Direct or indirect metering (depending on the power required, and adapted to the connection conditions of the grid operators)
  • GSM or network connection and networking of the charging stations with one another integrated in the cabinet (e.g. switch, modem, etc.)
  • Pre-wired for an easy start-up of the charging infrastructure
  • Separate accesses for laypersons (operators) and professionals (e.g. energy supply companies) via split doors and corresponding locking systems

Developed for your success

  • Fulfilment of the increased requirements for the operating equipment in low voltage distribution due to the simultaneous loading of all outgoing lines (as per EN 61439-7, RDF = 1 is to be assumed)
  • Precise consideration of the ambient temperatures with regard to the design and construction of the switchgear Assembly
  • Design certificate for the switchgear assembly with defined components
  • The definition of standardised, scalable types and prices ensures clarity right from the beginning of the project


Connection cabinet for Tesla Supercharger

Split, Croatia

Connection cabinet for Tesla Supercharger

With circuit breakers to protect the charging infrastructure; Split, Croatia

Supply cabinet for DC charging stations

Economic Chamber of Styria, Graz

Transformer cabinet with direct outgoing lines

For the supply and protection of AC charging points, Energie Steiermark


E-Mobility distributor & connection cabinets

Under the slogan “It takes more than charging points!”, ELSTA Mosdorfer is a specialist in the supply, protection and networking of charging infrastructure for electro-mobility. The totally insulated and durable distribution solutions provide maximum personal protection and investment reliability for the future.


Polyester outdoor metering distributor cabinets

The polyester metering and metering distribution cabinets from ELSTA Mosdorfer for direct measurement of electrical energy outdoors provide extensive functionality.


Outdoor/indoor transformer cabinets

Transformer measurement panels from ELSTA Mosdorfer are used as current-measuring devices for large commercial and industrial consumers with high energy requirements, as well as for larger photovoltaic systems or construction sites. Why not take a closer look at our outdoor and indoor transducers, designed to meet the regional specifications of all of Austria.


Main distribution after metering

For further energy distribution after metering or transformer cabinets outdoors and indoors, ELSTA Mosdorfer offers a wide range of totally protected fuse distributors and cable distribution cabinets for commercial and industrial use as well as for functional buildings.


Installation distributor cabinets

The totally protected field distributor cabinets from ELSTA Mosdorfer are used for sub-distribution in the metered area outdoors and indoors. The universal interior fittings enable a variety of possible applications, each with the matching type of installation.


Cabinet and enclosure systems

Certified cabinet systems and proven enclosure technology from ELSTA Mosdorfer for outdoor and indoor use – as the basis for all the tasks in energy distribution as well as industrial and commercial use.