Everything you need for state-of-the-art cabinet and enclosure systems

  • SMC technology – manufacture of enclosure systems from hot-pressed, glass fibre reinforced thermoset Polyester
  • Our products – from an empty enclosure through to fully-equipped, connection-ready distribution systems
  • Project planning of customer-specific solutions with mechanical components for expansion of the distribution systems or electrical equipment from a single source
  • Modern 3D design coupled with modern production makes (almost) any customer request possible


Documentation, analysis and contribution to standards

  • Verification management and documentation forming an interface between manufacturers and users
  • Heating tests in our in-house test laboratory for the optimum arrangement of the equipment, including practice-oriented calculation of the rated currents 
  • Collaboration on various standardisation bodies and technical committees
  • Our close working relationship with energy suppliers and power grid operators ensures our products are 100% compliant with technical connection regulations


Certified quality

  • Cooperation arrangements with Graz University of Technology, all the Austrian testing institutes and numerous foreign testing bodies
  • Numerous internal options for verification management and support for development
  • Test bed for mechanical testing of our distribution cabinets (breaks, twisting, etc.)
  • Mechanical material testing (tensile test), tests for weathering (QUV)
  • In-house test laboratory for heating tests on empty enclosures and upgraded  distributors, and for testing and qualification of electrical components
  • Open air test station for testing and analysing our distribution systems under realistic conditions.

Always up to date and always well informed

News, events and expertise from Elsta Mosdorfer


CAD layout plan

For the arrangement of the components in the distribution cabinet

Electric circuit diagram

As an equipment wiring diagram

Modern 3D design

3D CAD-supported product development, design and production of manufacturing documents

Thermal imaging camera pictures

For detecting temperature hotspots during heating tests