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The value creation chain for electrical engineers usually begins at the transfer point from the public energy distribution network. Regardless of whether it is outdoors or indoors, in industrial projects or residential construction – metering, measuring and distributing power is our strength. Why not check out our extensive product range for yourself?


From planning to operation

Our technical sales department provides comprehensive, professional customer service and will be pleased to help you with:

  • planning and application consulting
  • tenders and bidding
  • construction, commissioning and acceptance
  • operation, service and maintenance

Numerous additional services

  • Standard-compliant design and dimensioning of switchgear assemblies in accordance with IEC 61439
  • Taking account of the surrounding conditions at the installation site
  • Selection of suitable operating resources
  • Industrial production and quality control
  • Labelling, documentation, verification management, declarations of conformity and interface data

Always up to date and always well informed

News, events and expertise from Elsta Mosdorfer


Mastering technical challenges with expertise

New technologies such as e-mobility or photovoltaics are posing new challenges for energy distribution. We deal continuously with the new technologies so we can give you the best advice here (e.g. proper protection of charging stations, correct design of accumulator cabinets and transformer cabinets for PV applications).

Innovative made to measure products

Our comprehensive product range enables ELSTA Mosdorfer to provide integrated solutions and systems for our customers. A wide range of connection cabinets, metering and transformer cabinets, main, sub and end distributors provides the perfect basis for your project.

  •  Metering distributors and installation Distributors
  • Construction site power Distributors
  • Marketplace distributors / power outlet boxes
  •  Photovoltaic collector cabinets and feed-in cabinets
  • Street lighting Distributors
  • E-mobility distribution and connection Cabinets
  • Campsite distributors

Electrotechnical modernisation made easy

In cities in particular, space is often limited or old electrical systems need to be modernised or renovated without significantly changing the surroundings. Our close cooperation with electrical engineers and businesses enables us to plan new products accurately, or even to replace only the inner workings of existing distribution Systems.

Maximum availability through electrical wholesale partners

The electrical wholesalers that are our distribution partners have a coherent range of standard products and accessories in stock that are tailored to every supply area, and they will be pleased to advise you. You are also welcome to use our product catalogues!


Open air metering distributor network Lower Austria (freestanding)

Multiple-customer system with six meter panels, a pre-meter unit and meter unit in separately lockable cabinet parts

Main distribution column

With copper rail system and LV/HV switch disconnector fuses

Power outlets – freestanding end distributor cabinet

Custom design, non-metered, with all outlets individually fused

Transformer cabinet, low-profile construction

With integrated main distribution


House service connection boxes/pillars

House service boxes, cable transfer boxes and pre-metering fuse boxes made of polyester are used at the interface between the supply network and the private power grid.


Metering cabinets and installation distributor cabinets

Perfectly suited to metering, measuring, and redistribution of electric energy or gas outdoors or indoors.


Polyester outdoor metering distributor cabinets

The polyester metering and metering distribution cabinets from ELSTA Mosdorfer for direct measurement of electrical energy outdoors provide extensive functionality.


Outdoor/indoor transformer cabinets

Transformer measurement panels from ELSTA Mosdorfer are used as current-measuring devices for large commercial and industrial consumers with high energy requirements, as well as for larger photovoltaic systems or construction sites. Why not take a closer look at our outdoor and indoor transducers, designed to meet the regional specifications of all of Austria.


Main distribution after metering

For further energy distribution after metering or transformer cabinets outdoors and indoors, ELSTA Mosdorfer offers a wide range of totally protected fuse distributors and cable distribution cabinets for commercial and industrial use as well as for functional buildings.


Installation distributor cabinets

The totally protected field distributor cabinets from ELSTA Mosdorfer are used for sub-distribution in the metered area outdoors and indoors. The universal interior fittings enable a variety of possible applications, each with the matching type of installation.


Distribution cabinets for special applications

ELSTA Mosdorfer offers a wide range of innovative products made to measure for energy distribution – for construction sites, fairgrounds, marketplaces, campsites and in the areas of photovoltaics, e-mobility, traffic technology, telecommunications, water/wastewater technology.


Bases for distribution cabinets

The base products from ELSTA Mosdorfer are the perfect foundation for the installation of freestanding distribution cabinets. They are either embedded in the soil or bolted to a foundation on the ground.



ELSTA Mosdorfer sees itself as a full-service supplier in the switching cabinet and distributor building segment, and the extensive range of accessories and spare parts ensures investment security after the purchase too.