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Elsta Mosdorfer’s special manufacturing process uses hot pressed, glass fibre reinforced composites. This makes the finished distribution cabinets particularly UV- and weather-resistant – making every investment effective.

We develop and manufacture cabinet system solutions for excellent performance!


Marketplace distributor cabinets / Power outlet distributor cabinets

Metered and unmetered power outlet Distributor cabinets for the power supply in public places, event sites or in commercial and industrial applications form part of the product range of ELSTA Mosdorfer.


Photovoltaic systems

The cabinet systems and connection-ready distribution cabinets from ELSTA Mosdorfer form the perfect foundation for standard-compliant and safe operation of photovoltaic systems in open areas, on slopes or on hall roofs.


Cabinets for street lighting

The polyester cabinets for street lighting from ELSTA Mosdorfer are mainly developed as metering cabinets in accordance with the specific regional design guidelines of the grid operators, and serve to connect and control outdoor lighting devices.


E-Mobility distributor & connection cabinets

Under the slogan “It takes more than charging points!”, ELSTA Mosdorfer is a specialist in the supply, protection and networking of charging infrastructure for electro-mobility. The totally insulated and durable distribution solutions provide maximum personal protection and investment reliability for the future.


Campsite cabinets

The robust and weather-resistant polyester campsite cabinets from ELSTA Mosdorfer provide reliable energy supply options on campsites and boat landing stages.


Traffic technology / signal technology & railway applications

The modern plastic cabinet and enclosure systems from ELSTA Mosdorfer for outdoor use have the ideal characteristics for use in traffic technology: sturdy, safe and durable.


Telecommunication / IT

The requirements placed on cable and optical fibre networks and components in the telecommunications and IT sector are continuously increasing. This makes reliable protection against harmful external influences even more important.


Water/wastewater technology

ELSTA Mosdorfer offers cabinet and enclosure systems made of glass fibre reinforced polyester – ideal for outdoor use. The material is weatherproof and resistant to chemicals, and thus perfectly suited for applications in water and wastewater technology.


Cabinet and enclosure systems

Distribution cabinets for utilities

Metering cabinets and installation distributor cabinets

Bases for distribution cabinets


Technical SMC products & compression moulding parts

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Strategies against condensation

Special conditions call for special solutions
ELSTA Mosdorfer is one of the pioneers in the field of preventing or minimising condensate in distribution cabinets that stand outdoors to ensure the maximum possible operational reliability and functionality, even under persistently negative outside influences. Find out more!



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IP protection rating in accordance with IEC 60529

Standardised protection against contact, foreign matter and water
The protection of an enclosure against penetration by foreign matter and water is identified by a letter-number combination. The resulting code defines standardised levels of protection, which are stated as a protection rating.



Explanations of IEC 61439

Explanations of terms, distribution of roles and definition of interfaces
The IEC 61439 series of standards deals with requirements for low-voltage switchgear assemblies and includes all the colloquial “distribution cabinets” from a domestic installation or industrial low-voltage main distribution systems to switching points in the public low-voltage grid.